Life Lessons

Staying Centered on What Matters Most

Have you ever realized how often we find ourselves on autopilot? We don’t usually even realize until something major breaks our cycle. 

Given the current state of things, everyone’s normal cycles and routines are being dramatically altered. I’m not immune to current events. No one is. But what can help us tremendously is staying centered on what matters by keeping what matters most at the center. If we did that each and every day, how radically our lives would shift even when the storm has passed? Imagine how different our mindset would be if we were responding from the center of the hurricane rather than reacting from the chaos of the storm. Wise words from George Mumford. 

We all enjoy distractions of movies, television, and scrolling through social media. But what we often don’t realize is that in these things we disengage or enter into a numbing out phase. We go farther away from that thing that grounds and centers us. What if, instead, we left comments on what we just read and how it affected us. What if, on our next binge watch, we did it with someone else on the phone or through FaceTime? Download apps like Marco Polo and leave video messages for friends and family. Expressions of gratitude might be extremely healthy and heartening in these trying and uncertain times.

In some of my own daily practices that help me stay centered and grounded, I’ve found what works for me is taking a beat to engage all my senses, bringing me back to the here and now. What do I hear? Smell? See? Taste? Feel?

For obvious reasons we need to physically isolate, but the things that center us don’t need to change. We don’t need to shut down, and honestly resist shutting down in any capacity. The scope of our feelings was created for a reason: to feel. Anxiety, fear, and confusion can all teach us something if we are open, and dare I say, brave enough to let those feelings in. Dolly Parton has an awesome quote, “The way I see it, if you want rainbows, you gotta put up with the rain.” 

What centers you? What matters most to you and how can you engage that to find life’s rainbows right now?

Originally written for Rena-Fi

Life Lessons

Show Up

It’s a simple statement, and yet here I am. I’m showing up, I’m committed to sharing myself again so that others may find assistance in whatever I’ve been through, or just be along for the ride, whatever that looks like.

This blog originally started as a place to share my love for food. It still is that place. However, after a long hiatus of finding myself as I navigated motherhood to two beautiful kiddos, I simply have a lot more to offer now. I’ve have found and continue to find amazing life lessons, profound womanly advice, trials and triumphs of motherhood and a completely new way to look at food. It’s food, family, life and chaos.

In the coming weeks and months, I have so much stockpiled awesome to share. Those that are still miraculously subscribed – thank you. To those that continue to dribble in – thank you.

I plan to be less hard on my self in terms of perfection, and will just enjoy the art of sharing. I’ll continue striving for the best, but some days my best may look different.

To life, love and full plates,


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