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Potato Chip Madness

What is it about these snack foods that don’t allow us to eat just one? More than likely it’s due to a satisfying crunch of crispy fried-goodness with the addition of salt. How can you go wrong? Well I’m sure you could squash the goodness pretty quickly as they are really unhealthy. BUT let’s instead talk about what we do love about potato chips, because I’m willing to bet that most people have cravings from time to time for something in or around the potato chip family.

Personally my favorite way to eat potato chips, is a bag of Lays lightly salted chips served with generous helpings of Bison Chip Dip. I’m a dipper and proud of it!

What inspired me to talk more about potato chips is due to a recent trip to England that I embarked on. I was blown away by the crazy flavors I could not have expected. It was quite the sheltered mindset considering I had grown up so close to Canada and they had “weird” flavors of chips too. Every culture has their own chip flavors, and it’s fun to see what all is out there!

Let’s start with US flavors of chips that are considered pretty normal:

Sour Cream and Onion
Cheddar and Sour Cream
Salt and Vinegar
Salt and Pepper
Flamin’ Hot
Dill Pickle
Honey Mustard
Onion variations
Dill Pickle
Honey Mustard
Sharp Cheddar

Then there’s our friends to the north in Canada with flavors such as:

Smokey Bacon
Sea Salt and Pepper
Roast Chicken
Curry and Ginger
Fries and Gravy

And then we’ll talk about the UK flavors of choice:

Cheese and Onion
Prawn Cocktail
Pickled Onion
Beef and Onion
Spanish Chicken Paella
Japanese Teriyaki Chicken
German Bratwurst Sausage
Italian Spaghetti Bolognese
French Garlic Baguette
American Cheeseburger
Brazilian Salsa
Scottish Haggis
Irish Stew
English Roast Beef
Yorkshire Pudding
Dutch Edam Cheese
Australian BBQ Kangaroo
South African Sweet Chutney
Argentinian Flame Grilled Steak
Welsh Rarebit
Builders Breakfast

I was a bit taken aback by some of the UK flavors, but I would love for someone who has lived there to chime in and correct me, or say that they’ve had some of these flavors. Would you try any of the flavors from another country? What kinds of chips do you most enjoy?

When I was in England, I took some pictures of all the chips I brought back as gifts or devoured before leaving England. This was my first or second hand experience with these chips. See what you think!

The most AMAZING chips in the world. I wish I could find them again because they were so unbelievably good. If you get the chance, try them immediately.
Considered more of the “classic” flavors in the UK potato chip family.
UK flavors which were slowly working away from “classic” to more modern day flavors.
These flavors combinations are popular in England, especially the Prawn Cocktail which is found at every convenience store.
The UK flavors start pushing the envelope a bit more as to see what could be delicious and marketable. Dad said the Smoked Ham and Pickle was bad, really bad.
Tapping into some of the influences around the United Kingdom to bring unique flavor profiles from their diverse heritage to potato chips.
And the most inedible bag of chips, with some pretty tasty ones to wash it down with.

If you want to continue to go around the world one bag of potato chips at a time, visit Now That’s Nifty. They have all Lay’s flavored chips around the world with some that may keep you in your country, or have you itching to go get your passport stamped.

So, how about you? Do you crave-

  • Dip it to me!
  • Classic Flavors.
  • Bold and Brassy Flavors
  • The crazier the better!
  • I’ll take them all!
  • Or, I’d much prefer something baked and more healthful.

By Tarte Chic

Author Kat Nielsen (formerly Kat Wojtylak) is a creative type with an immense love for food. She maintains a day job handling marketing and brand support to various companies while enjoying her evenings and weekends writing recipes and blogging all about her culinary experiences.

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I would try them all! I have had a few of them listed but would love to have more. Smoked Ham and Pickle…bring ’em on!!

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